Self-Impression Kit Instructions

Before you start, please read through these instructions!

The self-impression putty sets very fast, so you need to know what you are doing before taking your impression.

If you have any loose teeth or are awaiting any major dental work, please do not use until your treatment has been completed.

The impression putty needs to be kept at regular room temperature (approx 20 degrees celsius) before use. Place in the fridge for a few minutes if it is a very hot day.

In the unlikely event of you making a mistake, more putty can be purchased from the shop.


The XSGUARD putty is commonly used in dental surgeries throughout the UK.

In the pack you will find:


3 x impression trays (small, medium and large).

Impression putty (enough for two attempts).

Illustrated instructions.

Medical impression bag.

Pre paid post bag to return to our laboratory.

Step 1.

Choose the tray which fits your mouth. It should be loose around all of your teeth.

Step 2.

Take one blue and one white putty (if using the largest tray use ALL of the putty). BE CAREFUL NOT TO LET THEM TOUCH EACH OTHER UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO MIX. The putty will start to harden in 60 seconds so be quick with the next steps!


Step 3.

Quickly mix the two coloured puttys together for approximately 30 seconds. Try to get an even colour with no streaks.

Step 4.

Roll the putty into a thisk sausage shape and place into the arch of the impression tray. Gently press the putty towards the outer edge.

Step 5.

While looking in a mirror, place the tray into your mouth and push up ensuring the putty covers all of your teeth. Make sure your tongue is pointing towards the bottom of your mouth and that your top lip is over the front of the tray. Massage your top lip briefly to make sure the putty covers your gum.

Step 6.

Keep still!!! Hold the tray in place by biting onto it or by using your fingers/thumbs (DO NOT MOVE THE TRAY!) Keep the tray in your mouth for 3-4 minutes to allow it to harden.

Step 7.

After the 3-4 minutes has passed, gently move the tray from side to side using your fingers/thumbs and the tray (with the putty in it) will release. Leave to dry for a few minutes.

Step 8.

DO NOT REMOVE THE PUTTY FROM THE TRAY! Place the impression in the medical bag and seal. Please return any unused items with the impression in the box. the box will provide protection for the impression in transit. Please include a description of your required mouthguard colour(s) on the included form. Your existing artwork for graphics can be emailed to

If you do not have any existing artwork/logo,  we can design you a unique piece for a fee.





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